Sites of Interest

There are many things to see and do near Stonegate Bed and Breakfast.  This page contains just a few of the interesting places you can enjoy when you visit us.


There are many more interesting places to see in the area including Canada's highest concentration of golf courses, Pelee Island and Winery, Wheatley Provincial Park...the list is endless!  Come and see for yourself!!

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Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee National Park is a bird watchers paradise.  With over 356 species of bird sited annually and several kilometers of wilderness trails, this park is a must for anyone visiting the area.  Located within a fifteen minute drive of the Bed & Breakfast, visitors can visit the park at their leisure.

Photo Gallery of the Point


Hillman Marsh Conservation Area

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area is a great place to walk through an unspoiled natural area.  With over 4 km in walking trails through beautiful marshlands, bird watchers will love this area.  If you aren't looking for birds then there are plenty of other things to see and do in the marsh.

Kopegaron Woods Conservation Area

No more than a two minute walk from the Bed and Breakfast, Kopegaron Woods is an excellent place for that early morning stroll or the evening walk.  There are many varieties of flora and fauna in the area and a trip into the woods is always a peaceful commune with nature.

Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary

One of the most unique sites in Essex County, Jack Miner's is a landing pad for thousands of Canadian Geese on there way south for the winter or back in the spring.  Established years ago by the naturalist Jack Miner, the sanctuary is a wonder of nature and a great place to visit!

Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

With seveeral acres of greenhouse, Colasanti's is truly a fascinating place to visit.  With thousands of tropical plant species being grown and sold, the avid gardener can find almost any plant they want under Colasanti's roof.  There is also a mini-golf course, farm animal "petting" area for the kids, restaurant, candy shop and decorators store on the property.  Anyone can spend a day at Colasanti's and have a great time.

Old Log House Antiques and Herb Farm

An interesting blend of merchandise makes this store unique.  You can find rare antiques or look for that rare variety of basil!  Growing their own herbs (both common and rare) and selling live plants and dried herbs, this is one of those sought after "little" gardening stores with a lot to offer.  To top it all off, they sell beautiful antiques from the local area.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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